A talk on quantum dots with Wil McCarthy was all the more mind-blowing because I did not understand much of it!

Randy Smith and Mike Glyer remember those who had died in the previous year. I went along because I was curious about John de Lancie being listed. It seems likely the person listed was either a fan of the same name, or Q's father, who died recently. Here is part of those who gathered.

Finally, the one glaring fault I found with the programmers was that they had a Buffy panel in the penultimate slot of the convention,

with Eric M Van, Nicki Lynch, P C Hodgell and Chris Garcia, and then had another, at the other end of the convention center!

So that all these people had to traipse from one end of the center to the other! Perhaps it was a ploy to get us fit again.

The panel were Ben Yalow, Richard F Dutcher, Jim Mann and Tom Whitmore.