These people are, according to the pocket program, Alex Irvine, Scott Edelman, Walter Jon Williams and Connie Willis, but they don't have bits of paper to prove it! Should fantasy be taking over the Hugos?

This was the secret rasff panel, where their plans for world conquest, or less spam, whichever is cheaper, were carries further along. Many of us were revealed to have real faces, and in some cases, personalities.

The Star Trek panel, with Wanda Haight, Bjo Trimble and Keith de Candido. There was a panel on diversity earlier, which was a sort-of Trek panel, with this three and others.

Susan R Matthews, Lois McMaster Bujold, Liz Williams and Carol Berg discuss torturing their characters. as I couldn't spot a seat empty in the room, I took their photograph and left!

A panel on writing romantic Science fiction. I though I would show the room more for a change. I can't read one of the name sheets (in my closer-up photo), but five of them are Denise Little, - , Pauline jJ Alama Ph D, Sharon Lee, Catherine Asaro, Jacqueline Lichtenberg.


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