I went to a lot of panels, as that is what I enjoy. I thought it a sign of the times that there was one Star Trek panel, and seven Buffy panels, all packed.

And the first of them had Keith de Candido, Ben Yalow, Laura Anne Gilman and Tom Galloway.

Keith, Rebecca Moesta, Tom Whitmore and James Hartley consider Buffy and Spike.

A panel on humor, or humour, since Terry Pratchett is featured. Mike van Pelt, Edward Willett, Terry Pratchett, K D Wentworth, and Andew Wheeler. Terry still made us laugh, even though he was suffering from a terrible migraine.

A discussion on the splitting of the entertainment Hugo into two, with Kent Bloom, Craig Miller and Chris Barkley. I went along to vote next morning, and couldn't fit into the room, so I went somewhere else where I could get a seat.

This rather wide picture shows Alan Dean Foster, Hugh Daniel, Susan R Matthews, Mark R Leeper, robert Charles Wilson and Harry Turtledove wondering when their cave will get cable.

Eric M Van, John L Flynn and Robert Blackwood review all the films made from Philip K Dick's work. The next day they reviewed every other film!

And since that is enough pictures for one page, let's open another...