This is necessarily a random selection of panels, being what I went to!

One of the (few) obligatory Star Trek panels, with Kevin Geiselman, Saul Jaffe, Lawrence Schoen and Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

Susan Sizemore,Wendie Old, Keith R A de Candido and Ben Yalow, on the subject of The Problem of Spike. Ben gave an even-handed and carefully thought out decision: Spike should be staked.

Keith was instantly on the next panel, Comics without superheroes, with Brad W Foster, Daniel P Dern, Brenda W Clough and Lawrence Watt-Evans.

Lawrence may be lacking a middle initial, but he does have a hyphen.

I don't know why I took this audience shot. Perhaps to show that they didn't always turn the lights on.

Two pictures of the same panel, Space and Sensibility. This was a panel about the influence of Jane Austen on these authors' science fiction. Space didn't get a mention. But Georgette Heyer did.

Enough photos for one page. Let's go to the next page!