These are a few stereoscopic photos. Some you can see by allowing your eyes to slide apart, so that each sees only one picture. These are that type. I will try to post some of the others eventually.

Keeping to a theme, these are some black and white shots from my schooldays. Since I only got into stereo in Year 12, that's all there are here! Some more recent pictures can be found elsewhere.

Owing to my superior memory (and the fact that I wrote their names on the back) I can recall the names of all this crowd. Priests, doctors, lawyers,...

Father Hudspeth. The school was St Patrick's College in East Melbourne. It is now the site of the Catholic Education offices, next to St Patrick's Cathedral.

The rifle didn't have a bolt in it, I seem to remember. Why do people point guns at me when I get out my camera??

Hmmm, that one might strain the eyes! Don Stainsby, Michael Walsh, Peter McCartin, Robin Hally at the cricket nets. I might have been a great spin bowler if I could have stopped bowling the ball over the top of the net. I never hit any innocents passing by, though.

I scanned this one in colour, just to be different. George Belfrage and Adrian Fitzpatrick.

This was a class photo. It is here to demonstrate that nobody else can ever use your camera! (Adjunct to Murphy's Law.)

I think Fr Hudspeth was the culprit - and he was a mad photographer!

Fr Collopy. He was Principal at the time. The Jesuits had the unusual system that everyone rotated jobs, so that one might be Principal one year, and just a mug teacher the next. Principal may have been restricted to the more apt. Anyone can teach..

George Belfrage on Jolimont station. Has hardly changed. The station, that is. George has probably changed in 45 years.

Fr Quigley, famed among other things for the fact that he drove interstate and elsewhere on his motorbike to an advanced age.

Fr Pietsch, who died quite young.