This was a three-star hotel, and the room was pretty tiny, but it was comfortable. The included breakfast was very good, and I used it to charge myself up for the day.

The front of the hotel was just along from the Piazza San Marco.

St Mark's Square is in the distance, on the left of the picture. The hotel is the dark building to the left of the statue. This was an evening shot, which is why it was dark. Presumably the four floors are 1, 2 ,3 and 4, because down the alley beside it one comes to floors 0, 5, 6, 7.

It is a lot nicer on the inside.

I discovered there is a church right outside my door, and I would have gone to Mass there on my first day (a Sunday) if I had realised. I came out at 7.30pm after sleeping from about 4pm to see the congregation departing. Here is San Zaccaria from the hotel doorway.

I had to catch a water taxi on my last day, to get to the airport for an 8.45am flight. As usual I over-allowed, and set the wake-up call for 4am. Then I didn't sleep, because I was worried I might miss the call, so I had a horrendous flight home. Oh, well.

I need not have worried. The wake up call worked perfectly, and I toddled down to sign out. The desk clerk, who spoke perfect English, and was probably bored out of his brain, insisted on getting me fruit juices, rolls and fruit to sustain me, which I thought a very pleasant way to see me off.

I stopped at the Bridge of Sighs to take a floodlit picture, but my lens immediately steamed up, and took about half an hour to clear! the water taxi took about 70 minutes to the airport, where it stopped in a dock just outside Departures.