These next two are of the panel on Writing media-based tie-ins.

The panel is Jeanne M Cavelos, Craig Shaw Gardner, Stephen Piziks, who writes as Steven Harper, Ginjer Buchanan and Alan Dean Foster.

Steven is writing Star Trek Voyager novels soon, revealing the developing romance betwen Chakotay and Seven of Nine.

What makes a good cult TV show. Len Wein moderates, and others should be Kimberley Ann Kindya, Adina Adler, George R R Martin and Michael A Burstein.

Taking a look at the Buffy villains, and therefore getting a large audience, are Marty Gear, Simon R Green, Sarah Zettel, Josepha Sherman (it says), Nikki Lynch and Katya Reimann.

this was my first incursion into the Young Adult day, all about writing for children. This panel was on Secondary education. From left, Paul Halpern, Mary Schroeder and jan howard finder.

David Brin appeared to thank everyone for supporting the day.

The room was not crowded.

And now let us open up a third page!