I had been to Las Vegas occasionally from about 1975, but not recently, and was surprised at how much I liked it.

The insides of some of the casinos are beautiful, and the highlight for me was the Fountains of Bellagio. I finished a tour, which left me at the Las Vegas Hilton for two nights. This housed the thing I had been wanting to come to Las Vegas for - the Star Trek Experience.

As it happened, this was one of my few disappointments. It was basically a ride, and I thought overpriced, although very well done. I did buy a shirt. There was a lot of merchandise, including books, but the books were not as up to date as Waldenbooks down in the mall.

Near the Hilton a monorail is being built. There are various rail systems joining hotels already, and they are handy, because it is hot out - about 105 F most of the time I was there, and it got hotter towards evening.

The hotel I moved to for my last two nights was the Circus Circus, where I stayed about 27 years ago!

The outsides of a couple more casinos:

New York, New York. Out the front was a display of tshirts from various fire and police departments from across America. There were a lot of them! There was a scary-looking rollercoaster going about the place.

A place I never reached was the Stratosphere, which has a tower. At the top are a gravity ride, and another roller-coaster!

And a look inside Caesar's Palace. I had previously been inside the Venetian, and was walking down the street one day, and began to think to myself, "It's beginning to get a bit dark. Time to be getting home." then I thought, "Hang on! I'm in the middle of Caesar's Palace, and it's 1pm, and 105 degrees outside!" So the illusion got to me. The Trojan Horse is in front of FAO Schwarz' shop.

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