Although Kauai had been getting much of the rain, it was clear and sunny when we arrived. We stayed at a lovely resort in Waimea for three nights.

On Tuesday we drove up to a high overlook for a magnificent view, then went on a long walk. There was an asphalt road for a couple of kilometers, then a tougher track along the ridgetop. It got harder, and I returned, while the others continued on to see a bog. I took a few pictures of birds, and waited with a couple of others who had not walked.

That night it poured all night, but stopped in the morning. We went for a clifftop walk.

It did not rain until we were on our way home. Then it poured all night, and as we left next day. We were on our way to what is usually the wet side of the island, but it was sunny!

At Lihue we went to Kapa'a beach park for lunch. The beach was littered with debris from the recent flood, when the dam broke.

We went out to the Kilauea Lighthouse bird preserve, and I snapped away, so here are a selection of bird pictures from there and elsewhere.

We finished the tour at the Hanalei Resort, once again on the water. It had lots of rocks, but was calm, and one might have snorkeled.

Next day I again reneged on a walk, with three others. Rain was predicted, and it did rain on the walkers, but not on us. Later we were picked up for a couple of hours at the Limahuli Gardens, where there was a steep loop track, but it was a pleasant place.

Next morning we were up at 4am so we could fly to Honolulu, where some needed to connect with that day's flights.