I didn't take many pictures in Honolulu, partly because I was too busy wasting my life's savings on DVD sets, partly because I have been there a few times, but mostly because it rained most of the time.

Just up from Waikiki beach is a stone jetty, and it is a place where you can usually see a lot of fish (because people feed them).

The Ala Wai canal is tidal, and one can walk down along it from Waikiki to the Ala Moana area. Ala Moana is a big shopping center.

This was a rare sunny day at the start of my tour. Overflowing sewers were polluting the canal, and the beaches where it connected with the sea. It is full of fish, but one is advised not to catch and eat them. But people always are. (It may be a legal thing. I was amused by commercials for medicine: "There is only a ten per cent chance this medicine will give you a heart attack, and it is fairly unlikely to affect your sex life."

Toward the end of my holiday there was a parade for the Prince Kaiulani holiday. A big black cloud just missed us, but the parade was dry. I got some nice pictures, but the parade was way too long and slow.

These cheerleaders were doing tumbles all along the road. They must have had nicely calloused hands!

And the flag work was very good. Unfortunately there were long periods of slow cars trundling along and burning out their transmissions.