It was getting quite late, which is why the rest of the panel, Carrying On: Books in shared universes, didn't turn up. But Melinda Snodgrass and Jane M Lindskold carried the burden well. An interesting hour.


The literary panel about Buffy. They should be Farah Mendelsohn, Camille Bacon-Smith, Rhonda Wilcox but not David Lavery.

A very interesting panel, which induced me to order the book they have written!

RASFF and all that. It turned out I was not all that interested in the discussion, but it was interesting to see the faces behind the signatures.

Erik Olson, Sue Mason, James Nicoll, Lenny Bailes and Jo Walton.

Another panel on RASFF. Evolution of online communities, from Thursday. Tom Galloway, Vera Nazarian, Wilma Meier, Sharon Sbarsky and Saul Jaffe.

How dark or evil should villains be? Len Wein, Laura Ann Gilman, Victoria McManus, Stephen Piziks and Barbara Chepaitis.

TV series that died too soon. A big audience in a big room. Craig Engler, Perrianne Lurie, Isaac Szpindel and Nicki Lynch.

The future of publishing. I don't know the woman at left, then David Howell, John R Douglas, Ernest Lilley and Michael Capobianco. Which is one of the advertised panel! But it was the last day.

An interesting panel on Marvel v DC, with Len Wein, Robert Greenberger and Jim Shooter. Robert also did a lone but interesting panel on what was happening at Marvel later.

A panel about using the internet as a resource. James D McDonald, Diane Turnshek (?), Ellen Key Harris-Braun and Australian author Cecilia Dart-Thornton.

And lastly an audience, but I forget which panel!