The Damned (2)


Some live, whom opportunity bypassed;

no education, since they had no cash.

In poor genetic mould first cast,

later they seemed but half alive.

They never learned the way to smash,

they never had a backhand drive.


Some have their chances, waste them all.

They know, but do not what they ought;

through weakness once again they fall.

Blind passion conquers common sense.

On the net with an open court

they hit the net-cord or the fence.


Life strikes us in the loss of friends,

we lose what we just think we've got.

Our shares drop as the market ends,

the scavengers are set to pounce.

We find, when set to make our shot,

the ball will fail to bounce.


All, all must pass, the mountains fall,

the seas will shift, and widows wail.

Where stood the mighty cities' walls

are bits of brick and sheets of tin.

At last the shoulder muscles fail,

and power serve gives way to spin.