This was my fourth cruise with the Cruise Trek group, and my report is coloured by that.

To me the advantage of going on a "group" cruise is that I "know" people. The Trek Cruises are organised around having actors from Star Trek aboard. They mix with the passengers, and take part in events. In the first cruises I went on this was the centre of my interest. I wanted to see the places, but the actors were the magnet which attracted me.

I go on my own. This means that I would be skulking around on my own, because I am quite shy. But there are a huge bunch of others with the same interest as myself, and events to involve us all. When the trip is a week long there tend to be hundreds of us, and consequently lots of actors. On the longer trips, many less, and less actors. On my earlier trips, which you can find by trimming the URL above back to the 3479, I concentrated on the actors, but this time I am intending to talk more about the places.

The three actors this time were John de Lancie, Robert Picardo and Jerry Hardin. All had been on previous cruises, so I was seeing nobody new. Also, over the last three cruises I have been on a table with the same gang of people, so we go on excursions together, and this makes it a very pleasant trip.

I took pictures on film, on a digital camera, and on a stereo camera (which is also film, but something different). My film scanner has been playing up with pictures with a dominant colour. This could be corrected with Photoshop were it not that I am red-green blind. I can see that the colour is not right (when the whole picture is mauve, for example) but I can't tell if I have corrected it! So not a lot of the prints are represented here. I have used one side of a number of stereo pictures, and one day I will scan in and post the stereo pairs!

It seems the simplest method would be to post pages for various sections of the trip. The pages are a bit picture heavy, but that's what this whole thing is about!

First, a look at some of the Trek events, and a few pictures of the actors.

A few shots taken around and of the ship.

Our first port was Istanbul.

Next was Egypt. We stopped at Alexandria, but drove to Cairo.

I did not do an excursion at Limassol, Cyprus, just walked about. I liked the place, and used the internet cafe I found. I took a few pictures, but this one will have to suffice for now:

At Rhodes we went to the Lindos Acropolis.

Santorini, Greece, is an old volcano.

Kusadasi, Turkey, we went on a tour of three ancient cities, and then walked about.

From Piraeus many went to Athens, but I went to Corinth.

In Dubrovnik we looked around the city.

And we finished in Venice. While still with the cruise I went on an unexpected winery tour, and then I had four days to unwind in Venice before flying home.

Here is the Rotterdam sailing out. With me not on it any more! Sob.

Cruisetrek have their own web page, and also Eric Stillwell has a very good site about it.

There is also a web site for discussions of Cruise Trek.