Cruise Trek 2005

Copenhagen to St Petersburg.

This was my sixth Cruise with the Cruise Trek group, and a number of us keep in touch on a Yahoo! group. So when I went to Copenhagen to do the cruise, I knew a number of people were staying at the same hotel, and some were meeting at a book-signing by Robert Picardo (of Star Trek Voyager). And on the ship I shared a room with the same person for the third time, so we knew each other already.

This web site is mainly for those on the cruise, so I will just use Christian names (where I know them!) except for the actors and guests.

I was being an enthusiastic photographer, with four cameras. My main one is a Canon EOS 30D (or D30?), but I have a nice 17mm lens which is not effective on it, so I carried a Canon EOS film camera to take wide-angle shots, a little credit-card-sized Dimage X, and my stereo camera, which I bought second hand about fifty years ago. I had a 1 gigabyte card for the Canon, which I did not fill, and I wasted money on a 256K card for the Dimage at the airport, but I'm sure it will come in handy!

Patricia, one of the group, had the bright idea of collecting cards from various people's cameras, putting them on her computer, and distributing DVDs. I got mine home and whittled it down to about 900 from the original 3000, but I don't feel I can use other people's pictures here, so these are a selection of my own <gasp> 600 odd. Digital cameras have a lot to answer for!

I had a very uncomfortable flight, 25 hours, from Melbourne to Copenhagen, and the hotel was so hot I could not sleep! The normal summer highs are supposed to be about 17 degrees C, but they were nearer 30. When I arrived at the Copenhagen airport I was advised to travel to town by train, which I did for about US$4 (25 kroner). In the street, after I moved in, I ran into both my roommate Rich, and Wayne and Rita.

So let's have a little page on Copenhagen before the tour.

It may be worth putting a few pictures of the ship (the Westerdam) for those who do not know it.

On the ship our first cruise event was a cocktail party. I have posted a number of pictures here, because it was our first big gettogether .

The first day of sailing was the only one where we were not in a port, so a lot of events were run. Of the hundred Trekkers in our group, only a fraction attended the events run by us, but they are not compulsory! There is plenty to do. As I could not fit all the pictures on one page, here is another!

Breakfast and lunch are on the Lido deck, deck 9, where the swimming pool is. Dinner is down on Decks 2 and 3.

Our first day in port was Tallin, Estonia. I did a tour which went to an old castle, set up for tourism, where we had dinner old style. Afterwards we visited an old house/museum, and vodka factory.

Our second and third days were in St Petersburg, Russia. I took two long tours, and only realised when I took time to look at the itineraries (when I was sitting in the lounge ready to go) that both days were at the Hermitage in the afternoon. But I figured what I didn't see the first day I'd catch up with the second. A wrong impression.

That night a lot of people went to the opera. The tables at dinner were so sparse that Joanne, Tom and I combined with John, the only one left on his table.

On Monday customs was quick!

I went on a tour which went first to Catherine's Palace, and then to the Hermitage again.

The night we left Russia we had a "Weakest Link" competition and a DVD showing from the scifi channel (which the producers had lent us) of last year's cruise.

The weakest Link judges.

And two of the competitors. I strolled in during the event, didn't know what it was, went in it, and came second. I knew you vote out the strongest. No survival of the fittest here!

I slept in the next morning, and lingered too long over breakfast. I was supposed to be doing a walk around Helsinki with others from my table, but I missed them, although I saw them en route and photographed them.

Some nights there was karaoke. It was of a very high standard (some of the time) so I never got up the courage to try.

On Wednesday we were in Stockholm. The local Star Trek club had organised a signing (in anticipation of a convention next year) by Bob Picardo and Garrett Wang, but they also took a group of us on an walk around Helsinki.

That night there was Pictionary, with the Guests trying to win for their teams. There was also the final of the Scavenger Hunt, which only had one entry, which naturally won! It was quite good.

That night after dinner, late, there was the Dessert Spectacular, around the Lido pool. I took a number of pictures, but couldn't eat any. It was just after dinner!

Next day we were in Visby, Sweden.

We had the group photo on the bow of the ship before sailing. I sat on the Lido deck gossiping with the Moores, de Lancies and Irene and Jules when we heard news of the terrorist bombings in London. Later Ron Moore and Richard Arnold gave interesting presentations, but as they were basically showing slides, no photographs are here.

In Warnemunde, Germany, a lot of people did trips to Berlin for the day, making it a very late night. I just walked around, but had an early morning anyway, as my roommate left at 5am.

Next day we visited Arhus, in Denmark.

Saturday evening we said goodbye. On Sunday we were disembarked very efficiently. I was supposed to be off at 9.55am, but it was about an hour earlier. I returned to the Comfort Mayfair Hotel, where I had been beforehand, and spent three nights there before returning home via a couple of nights in Singapore.

During the days in Copenhagen I toured about with Ted and Liane, and Paul. We did a general tour and a castles tour.

During the trip this is what the sea looked like about midnight. The sun set about midnight and rose about 3am.