On the morning we stopped in Wellington I had a tour in the afternoon, but I started to walk into town in the morning. The wind was blowing so hard I gave up! In the afternoon I did a tour, and took a few photographs.

As you note, Al and Natalie were on the same tour. I enjoyed it a lot. The driver took us to her house (which included aviaries and animals) and gave us food, then we went to this place where we saw a cemetary for original inhabitants, then drove back by a scenic route.

The wind had died down, as you may guess.

In Napier I did not do a tour, just walked into town. I liked it very much. The town was raised by an earthquake in reasonably recent times, so the beach is just black sand. The buildings are recent, as the place was wiped out. There was a very good aquarium, but a lot may have missed it, because it was a good way down the beach, and may have been confused with the seal and dolphin place.

The ship is a tiny dot by the big bit of land, which used to be an island.

In the aquarium the guide was a dedicated Star Trek fan, with the beginning of serious tattoos on his arm. I thought I took a picture of Becky and Jo watching these fish, but I must have only pressed the button enough to focus, not take a picture. It was one of those aquariums where you walk through tunnels and the fish are all about you.

This is what it looked like on the outside.

The town was very nice, possibly the result of recently being rebuilt.

Steve and Carolyn Vinovich gossiping with Kandee and Michael (?)

That night we had the Dessert Spectacular and our pyjama party.