I had not intended to do much touring, because I had "been here before."

But (a) I got bored doing nothing in Burnie, and (b) I realised it had been a long time...

The de Lancies and Vinoviches had breakfast with me and I mentioned I had driven around Tasmania. When they asked for advice my mind went blank. Later I realised this was partly because it was between thirty and fifty years since I had been there, and at the time I had driven off the boat and basically drove as far and as fast as I could, to Hobart. I probably was in Burnie, but I remember only Launceston in the North.

The ship at Burnie, in Tasmania. I walked about, and bought a second-hand book, but pretty much had nothing to do. I immediately booked a few tours when I got on board again. I had missed the Lord of the Rings tours organised by Charles, but as I had no interest in Lord of the Rings this was not a deep problem.

Like everyone else I went camera silly in Milford Sound, and since we all have the same pictures I'll just post this one of the scenery, and a couple of the crowd:

We sailed into two more sounds, but they are hard to convey in a photo. These three shots were before breakfast, if my memory is correct.

In Dunedin I did a rail trip, with Valerie. Michael was also aboard. We didn't see a flat spot! I don't know if New Zealand has any!

Michael at the end of the run, before we headed back, and Valerie again:

In Christchurch I went walking with Onelia amd John, but they seemed to get bogged down at the tourist bureau, so I set off alone, and just walked about. I took a couple of photos, but nothing worth posting. I did an afternoon tour around Picton, but walked around in the morning. This is a view from a height:

The next view is of Wellington and Napier.