After our first day's sailing, during which I mainly ate some food and then threw up, we had a day in Melbourne.

As I live there a tour seemed unlikely, but I did one organised by Onelia, which went down near Geelong, and visited the You-Yangs, a small mountain range. In Australia a mountain range is anything you have to walk up. We do have mountains which get up to 7000 feet. or about 200 metres. It was a pleasant day.

Afterwards we visited a sanctuary, which had some wildlife. Natalie and Al are photographing an owl, though not this one:

Later we dined sumptuously after a longwait in the fish and chip shop. I think Onelia was over-impressed. The one near my house is better. But I do think Australian fish and chips are very good, and the visitors seemed to appreciate it.

Claire and Paul admiring the bay.


We might jump to Tasmania, New Zealand or the ship.