What happened aboard.

This was a slightly atypical tour for me. We had a free day of sailing between Sydney and Melbourne, and three between Australia and New Zealand (although the last of these was really sailing in Milford and other Sounds.) So most of the Trek events took place on those days. This had the curious effect that we finished up the Trek occasions a day early, not on the last night.

But it was more atypical because I had been there before.

We began with the cocktail party, which I usually take lots of pictures at, but only a few this year.

Garrett Wang gossips with new acquaintances.

The decks tended to look like this all the time! It never warmed up.

The library and internet lounge.

A couple of shots showing why the pool was not frequented as often as usual.

One end of the Lido dinner area, showing us eating together. The Lido is quite large, and identical on both sides of the ship. The door in the back left leads to the Lido Pool.

In the lounge where pictures are shown, cooking classes occur, and Trek events ensue. Steve Visnovich gossips with the tourists.

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