Cruise Trek 2007

Australia and New Zealand.

This was a different sort of cruise for me.

I was at home, so it cost me very little to get there, and I celebrated by having a cabin by myself. I could sleep as long as I liked, and leave the window open all night. Unfortunately I had no porthole, so that proved impossible.

I flew up to Sydney a few days early. I thought of flying up on the day, but I had a niece I could visit, and I hadn't seen much of Sydney in spite of its being one of the nearest big cities to my home in Melbourne. A lucky decision it turned out, as a passenger on my airport bus went off with my luggage, and I didn't get it back for hours!

I started to see jetlagged Americans fairly quickly. On the second night I abandoned my microwaveable dinner and ate at the Sheraton with friends. This cost me $100 (Australian), which made it the most expensive meal I have ever had! But it's only once in a while. My first excursion for the trip was a jaunt around Sydney, organised by Jenelle.

You may notice umbrellas. It had not rained in Australia for some time, but much was forecast. As it happened, it rained in Sydney, but we saw very little from then on, although it stayed cold.

This was some sort of coffee shop, where we had some lunch, and looked around.

Us and others asking, "When do we get our coffee?"

Oh, all right, we were touring the Sydney Opera House.

Afterwards, on Saturday night, we had our first gettogether at the Sheraton (considerably less expensive this time!)

Al and Natalie first thinking how pleasant it would be to jump off a tall building. But they decided to wait for a taller one.

And for some views of our ship, click here!


Or for a view (near) Melbourne, click here.