Accommodation had been a problem in Montreal because of the Grand Prix. In Boston it was the Fourth of July, and also the Lions International was having their world gettogether, so there were a lot of visitors, and lots of parades! My hotel, the Omni, was in the thick of things, being just up the street from Boston Common, and a historic cemetary.

These were around on July 1st, with drummers behind.

Lions International, passing Boston Common.

The historic graveyard. Americans will have to forgive me if I do not know its name. I think the big obelisk was for Benjamin Franklin, and a couple of other signatories to the Declaration of Independence are buried here.

Frog Pond, on Boston Common. I had been thinking what a lovely place Boston is, until I saw that this is a skating rink November to March! I learned also that Boston has a lot of snow.

Newbury Street, a lovely shopping street, with shops built into the existing houses.

At Faneuil Square entertainers rostered themselves on and off, and attracted big crowds.

On July 4th I found this parade going past my hotel. The smoke is from the LOUD firing of muskets. The pictures I took were also a bit blurry because it was so humid my lens misted up completely when I left the hotel.

At the cemetary. I was intrigued by how intrusive the picture-takers were! They just walked among the marchers, stopped or marching, and stuck cameras in their faces.

Back at faneuil Square, some more performers.

In the market area. I walked down to the wharf and saw the Constitution sailing past. They turn it around each year.

On July 3rd the Boston Pops Orchestra played down by the Esplanade, and these people were setting up hours before. I ran into a group from the cruise, who had blankets, and we listened to the music. Two of Aerosmith played some songs. I seemed to be the only one around who thought they had no musical talent.