I had previously visited most of the stops on this cruise while on a bus tour with InterNATIONAL PARKtours, of Queensland.

I simply walked around, and set off to the right of the ship, and walked along some streets:

Eventually I faced the big uphill walk, and came to this shopping street. The wall nearby has attractive paintings, and in the distance is the ubiquitous McDonalds.


I examined the map the ship had supplied, and found I was about to walk off it! I was in a very modern and attractive area, but I turned right and came back to the street of shops.

Back near the water, I found myself in familiar territory (from my previous trip) on the boardwalk, with the beautiful building in the background - now a Fairmont Hotel.

Putting things in perspective, here is the Maasdam, on which we were traveling.

This was a beautifully painted blank wall on the side of a building.

On our way out we passed this glorious waterfall, which was the destination of some of the excursions.