Cruise Trek 2006

Montreal to Boston.

June-July 2006.

This was my seventh cruise with Cruise Trek.

Each year a band of Star Trek fans go somewhere on a cruise, with a few guests who have worked on Star Trek.. My previous trips can be accessed from here.

I live in Australia, so getting anywhere is hard traveling, so I took a break coming and going in Honolulu. But there are no pictures here, because I was there recently. I arrived in Montreal four days before the cruise, and there are a few pictures of Montreal here.

Cruise Trek operates in addition to any events on the ship. We have panel shows, contests and talks. The ship has shows and contests of its own, so not everybody attends all the Trek events. We all have dinner as a group.

The first of our events was a cocktail party soon after leaving. The actors say hello, and then everyone socialises until dinner. Our guests this year were Richard Arnold, Trek expert, Ronald B Moore, special effects wizard, Lolita Fatjo, former script consultant, and actors Wil Wheaton, Vaughn Armstrong, Suzie Plakston and Denise Crosby. As all the other years I have traveled, the guests made themselves available most of the time, and were very sociable.

We had a number of stops. At a stop you can do an organised tour, or just get off and wander about. Our stops were




and Bar Harbor.

We disembarked at Boston, where I stayed for four nights before heading home.

On the day of embarking, a few of us Knew Someone (Brent) and got aboard in the first group.

And soon we were off!

All our meals were covered.

After dinner we could go to the karaoke or disco, or the theatrical performance.

One of the first "events" was the group picture.

Apart from an actors' panel:

(Wil Wheaton, Vaughn Armstrong, Suzie Plakston and Denise Crosby)

there were a number of games or contests. We will break them up into

page one and

page two.

In addition Wil Wheaton and Dave Westbay organised a Poker contest.

There is also a regular pyjama party if Lolita Fatjo or Chase Masterson is aboard. In this case it was combined with the final of the poker, which may or may not have been a good idea.

And at the end, there is a night when the guests perform, and we all say goodbye.

In 2007, on November 4th, the cruise will be from Sydney to Aukland, so it won't cost me the usual arm and a leg to get there!