These are a selection from the other events. I did not go to all, and when I went I did not always get useful pictures.

This was late in the trip. The actors brought collectibles and auctioned them for their favourite charities.

This was on the first day. Richard Arnold comperes "Win Brent Stein's Money".

Richard an his lovely assistant, Fiona. The (quite clever) categories were made up while drinking a cup of coffee beforehand, or something like that.

John de Lancie attempts Pictionary. does Keegan.

Garret Wang producing another signed collectible (or possibly collectable).

Robert Picardo picks a card still for Pictionary.

Marnie Mosman and Robert Picardo sang for an hour and a half, alternating and doing duets, interspersed with some a capella singing by Keegan.

Top, Marnie and Bob in duet, and bottom, Marnie and son Keegan sing together.