I had three days after the cruise in Copenhagen. Luckily I ran into Paul, Ted and Liane. I would probably have just walked around the town for three days. Instead I did a tour of the town with them all on Sunday, a tour of some castles with Paul on Monday, and just walked around by myself for one day on Tuesday.

Copenhagen is a very beautiful city. But I presume, as it has only three hours of "darkness" at this time, in six months it has only three hours of sunshine. It was uncomfortably hot all the time, and even though I left my window open at night, difficult to sleep. All day it was hot.

The four of us on a double-decker bus. We sought the shade before tour's end.

Liane and Ted at the Queen's city palace. She seems to have them all about the place!

Next day Paul and I did a tour of castles. We saw Elsinore (from the outside, but spectacular), the Queen's summer palace (from the outside, for about ten seconds before buying ice creams), and Frederiksborg, which we walked through. It is a magnificent museum.

On the top floor is modern art.

Paul in the chapel at Frederiksborg.

I took a lot of pictures during these three days, but I have only so much web space! I spent two days in Singapore as well, and it was a relief to get some darkness!