The ship is enormous, and steady as a rock.

This is the ship in Helsinki.

The aft deck. I think this is as we left Copenhagen, but I could be wrong.

A general view of the dining room. There are two dinner seatings, at 5.30 and 8.30. The ship's entertainment (for instance, stage shows) is run in two seatings after each. Three times dinner is formal, so one must dress up, other times informal, so one must still dress up, and sometimes casual - but not very. This would be casual.

There is an internet room, which was getting much usage (possibly because Geek Cruises were also aboard), but very pricey.

The library, which is looking huge here because of the 17mm lens. But it is very nice. Various language newspapers are available here. There is also a service on the ship where news summaries from your home country are delivered regularly to your cabin. Handy for the sports results.

The pool on the Lido deck. The roof is retractable. Meals are also served in the corners, and the large eating area behind us:

The area around the pool is also used on special occasions. There is a dessert spectacular, which is shown elsewhere.

The foyer, an opening from deck 1 to deck 3. At the bottom is the office area.

And a look at a tender - a lifeboat which is used to get you ashore where there is no pier.