I didn't bother to book a tour in Stockholm, because we knew the local Star Trek fans were going to show us around.

There was a bit of a hiatus, as we waited inside, and the locals were not allowed in (we knew that), but eventually we got together. They had organised Bob Picardo and Garrett Wang to do a signing, and they took Bob off in a car, while some of them took a group of us around Stockholm. We walked down to a terminal and caught a ferry across to the museum for the Vasa, a ship which sailed 200 metres and sank, in 1628. It is huge, and in perfect condition, in a museum especially designed to show it off. The museum is five stories high. Not as big as the Westerdam, but huge for its time. If only it had been a couple of metres wider! But then it wouldn't be in a museum.

Bob Picardo.

Some of us on our way.

Two shots on the ferry. Caroline with one of the local fans.

The Vasa.

Garrett signing.

I took a number of photos during the day. If any of the local fans would like me to send them copies, email me.

I ended up walking about five hours, a bit footsore, but it was good for me!