On the Sunday we waited forty five minutes to get through customs, and the woman I saw was noticeably grumpy - as you would be.

The queue.

We drove about the streets and stopped at the Church of the Spilled Blood, where many pictures were taken, but I spare you here.

We stopped at another church,

at the river, and at a shop where I bought a DVD.

After lunch we visited the Hermitage. It was packed! We moved about like sardines in a tin, but were impressed. What did not impress me was that it was roasting hot inside, and unbearably humid, and all the priceless paintings were completely exposed to it!

Our guide, who had been telling us all about Russia's bad time under the Germans during the second World War - a lot - suddenly took the time to tell us how decadent our (i.e. American) children were, and how it would do them good to go on exchanges with Russian children. I thought this might have cut into her tips, but she did very well.