This is the one event to which nearly all the Trekkers come. The guests mingle, and everyone meets someone.

Ed T reminisces with Ron and Barbara Moore. Ron is special effects man on Trek shows and a lot of movies,

Robert Picardo and Garret Wang of Star Trek Voyager gossiping.

Some of the regulars getting reacquainted.

Brent selling a carload of Coors to Barbara.

Even though Wayne found himself with a microphine in his hand, he did not sing!

Brent selling John de Lancie a carload of Coors. Did I mention what Brent does for a living? John plays Q in the Next Generation and Voyager series.

Brent talking to Richard Arnold, Star Trek expert. And although we weren't speaking of beer this time, the figure in yellow at the bar, whose luggage was still in transit somewhere between here and Spain, is convincing the person behind the bar to give him every can of beer he has, before time or Charles' money runs out.

Robert Picardo and garrett Wang still conversing.

Jeanette, Liane and others.