I have enjoyed the karaoke bars on a few trips, but only once got up the nerve to sing.

On this boat the bar was tiny, and people were spilling out into the corridor, but I went along a few nights. On the night after the pyjama party, I took my camera. The flash is so close to the lens, however, that a lot of people lost their eyes. I tried to paint a few back in, but apologise if they are the wrong colour! It's a bit hard to get right when you are colour blind! (I can hardly see red-eye).

Chase Masterson, easily the best singer on the night. Buy her CD! (Although I never got around to it - mea culpa!)

Charles Datin and a pyjama-clad pair.

We had a few group sings, and I was croaking for a couple of days afterwards. The lady in yellow is Joanne, our new Nerd Queen, challenger to Tabitha.

Vaughn Armstrong only listened, as far as I know. Sorry for the white eyes, Jeanette and Bill!

Lou, my vote for the second-best singer after Chase.

And the third best, but I forget his name! The pyjama-clad dancer, however, is Lolita Fatjo.

Wayne from ..... I forget where. I only heard it 40 times a night! And Claire?


And Wil Wheaton, whose eyes are not that colour, but I thought he might prefer it to dead white. Not a bad singer, but should make his living as an actor.