There was a full day of sailing to get to Fanning Is.

This suited the people on Cruise Trek and Geek Cruises, who had plenty of activities to fill in the days, but others were not so happy. But a cruise ship which does not leave American territory must be staffed by Americans, and be American. Apparently this rule has changed.

Fanning Island rises a majestic six feet above the Pacific (and consequently they are very interested in global warming.)

The entrance through which our tenders took us, to a beach just to the right. Then we stood on the rocks and photographed the ship.

A greeting dance.

The market.

There was also a very small roped-off area for swimming in shallow water. There were bikini-clad women playing volleyball (and probably men too), but they are irrelevant to this discussion. It was possible to walk through the villagers' areas, and do tours.