CT2003aroundtheship.html Cruise Trek 2003 - Hawaii.

This was my fifth cruise with Cruise Trek. It differed in that there were no ancient cities to do excursions to, and I had already done three five-week camping trips around the islands, so Hawaii itself was of secondary interest.

I whittled my pictures down, intending to do a set on Oahu, pictures from the Trek events, the ship, and shore exursions. This left me with only an astronomical number of photographs, so I will concentrate only on the cruise for now. Maybe if my web space is enough, I will expand later. I have few pictures from the Kauai tour, but they don't have anyone I know in them.

Before the cruise, there was a small convention in the Sheraton Surfrider Hotel, and Richard Arnold ran a six-hour tour of the island, with 53 travelers, on the Sunday. Once again, I took a few pictures, but not with anyone from the trip.

On the first night of the cruise we were brought together for a cocktail party, where the guests were introduced by Dee Harrington, who did a sterling job as MC. Eric Stilwell will have to fight to get his spot back. I took a few poor shots, having too much faith in my camera's ability to handle available light.

The crowd came out all right, but the people in the spotlight were just blobs of white.

I got out and had a look around the ship, and took a few pictures.

We did not have fixed seating and times for dinner, as on previous trips, and this was a bit of a bother, but it meant we mixed a lot. Here are a few pictures from breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Our Trek events included trivia with Win Brent Stein's Money, and Family Feud, a very successful auction, and an impromptu pyjama party. We gathered often in the karaoke bar.

Apart from the Hawaiian Islands, we went to Fanning Island, in the Republic of Kiribili.

There were three panels for the guests, the first two splitting them up, and the last getting everyone together.

At the end, each of the actors was invited to perform, and prizes and awards were handed out.

Lolita Fatjo ran a workshop on acting and writing. Here is a bit of the acting workshop:

Here is a set of photographs of the guests, from various occasions.

We mingled with the guests aboard ship, and we posed for photos, a big group picture on the helicopter deck, and each of us with the actors on Deck 7. Some of our Trekkers did hula lessons, and performed in the graduation ceremony.


One of the things which continually surprises me is what a pleasant lot all the actors are, year after year. Perhaps this is why these actors are invited, but especially this year they are all lovely people.