There were restaurants along the waterfront, and I had a pizza in one, which I didn't like much. (I had another next day in a fast food place next to Burger King somewhere, which was large, delicious, and came with a torta and drink for a quarter the price! I forget its name.)

Around the area there were people selling handbags, who all seemed to be negros. They must have some sort of monopoly.

The sea is to our right. The water came to within inches of flowing on to the piazza, and I was told it does flood in August-September and in winter during high tide.

I had thought the ships parked up the other end, but the Golden Princess was just down from my hotel.

Possibly bigger than the Rotterdam, and with those interesting viewing decks at either end.

Prices seemed to maximise at St Mark's square, and I wondered where the local groceries were. I found some at the Via Garibaldi a little further down, but it took me until my last day to work out when they were open. They seemed to be open very early, and then after about 7pm.