One of the perks of traveling with the actors is that you may dine with them - well, breakfast. At dinner everyone is at a set table. Here one lucky trekker breaks fast with Bob Picardo and Jerry Hardin.

At my first breakfast, which I was having with my traveling companion, Richard, Marnie Mosiman, John de Lancie's wife came and joined us. And here John eats with some others from my dining table group:

This dining area is called the Lido, by the way. It is on deck 8.

Jerry Hardin put on an excellent performance as Mark Twain. It was different from the one he did on the Alaska trip three years ago.

Bob Picardo with an early item at the charity auction. Actors donated items, and nominated charities for the proceeds to go to.Things were slow until Jerry Hardin came up and used his cattle auction expertise.

Marnie Mosiman recorded all the happenings and eventually produced a documentary of it all.

Bob Picardo has produced a CD, from which he sang selections. It was, coincidentally, available in the Dealers' room! Much of his proceeds went to the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

The three actors took part in two panels, which I found interesting, because they wound up talking a lot about the craft of acting, and I always find it interesting to hear people talk about what they do.

And at the end, the four actors, John, Marnie, Jerry and Bob, gave a reading of Don Juan in Hell, a part of Shaw's play, Man and Superman. While they would no doubt have dressed up for the performance anyway, it was the last of the four formal nights, where formal dress is required.