This is a junior, Brooke Reichsbieth. I just liked this photo.

I took about 1200 pictures, digital pictures costing nothing, but that might be too many to post here!

This is Bernard Tomic in a singled match, which he won.

This is just a shot showing an outside court. The outside courts had crowds ranging from about 10 to 200.

Caroline Wozniacki. Although I had good seats in the stadia, I was always stuck in the one seat, and cooked in the sun! Actually I had a big hat and wrapped myself in a towel, but it tended to be too hot to stay there long.

I was too high up to get a proper perspective, but Juan del Potro (and John Isner) are really tall.

and so can hit the ball from a great height!

I was intrigued by the fact that in my pictures there was hardly ever a ball with this pose, so the players are throwing the ball up to about three times their height!

This seems unproductive to me, but what do I know?

D Jurak, whose first name I did not write down!

And I didn't write his down either! But this is in one of the main stadiums.

Giselle Dulko and Flavia Penneta.

I wrote down Ellen Aligurin, but I suspect I got it wrong. But she is wearing THAT costume too, as was Daniela Hantuchova and everyone.

And so on to page three, where we have a few more good players.