My Australian Open 2010

I lashed out and bought tickets for the first eight days, and as I was a Friend of the Australian Open I also got two free ground passes.

These pictures are just a few taken on those days, greatly reduced in size because they have to be! Apologies for names spelt wrongly. And in a couple of cases I didn't write them down.

I haven't put many pictures of juniors, just some of the winners. And it seemed simpler to just go in alphabetical order!

Agniezia Radwanska.

Alex Bogolomov. I a threw out all my lists of players, so the spelling is a bit optimistic.

Three shots of Ana Ivanovic. You may think there are lots of photos of her, but about half the woman were wearing identical costumes!

Some marketeer got a bonus.

Agniezia Radwanska again.

OK, out of order, but I couldn't remember Wayne Arthur's name when I was titling the photo! Oldtimer's disease!

During the Legends matches a lot of silliness ensued. In fact they were surprisingly continuously funny. On one occasion they dragged in a (fifteen-year old) ballboy, and he astonished all by banging down a couple of big serves!

The next set the Legends pulled in three ballgirls to play with Mansour Bahrami, but they couldn't play!

This is Bernard Tomic in the mixed, with Jelena Jankovic. Rather surprisngly, neither of them showed any talent at doubles!

Bettany Mattek-Sands in a doubles match, I think.



And so finishes page one. The next page features more pictures, further along the alphabet!