Matt Gredley's Chinese/English Translation Service - My Rates

This page lays out my rates, last updated on 12 November 1996, as follows:

These rates, which are for "direct-to-client" work, are based on those recommended by the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT). They are expressed in Australian dollars (AUD) and relate to the number of English words (regardless of the direction of translation) unless otherwise stated.

My rates are free of GST as I am not registered for the Goods and Services Tax - however, I do have an Australian Business Number (ABN): 76 639 674 425.

For an idea of the latest exchange rates, check out <>.

Translations ($A)


First 100 words

Subsequent 100 words







  1. Standard text: eg extracts, summaries, certificates, non-technical material.
  2. Complex texts: eg scientific, legal, medical, discontiguous texts.
  3. There is an extra charge for translations into Chinese - see "Chinese word-processing" in the next table.

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Ancillary services ($A)


English script

Chinese script

Chinese word-processing

not applicable

3.50 per 100 characters with translation
6.50 per 100 characters without translation

Page layout

31.10 per hour


50% of what original translator is paid

Checking/2nd opinion

20% of what original translator is paid

Certification of translations

3.00 per signature

5.00 per signature

Urgency loading

100% of full fee for translations of more than 200 words of English to be completed within 48 hours

  1. Chinese word-processing is charged extra due to the longer time taken to input ideograms compared to letters.
  2. Page layout includes tables, placement of graphics, setting up columns, etc.
  3. As an accredited translator, I am qualified to certify the accuracy of translations, but not the authenticity of photocopied documents.

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Terms and conditions

  1. Commissioning work - an initial quote will be provided, including an estimated time of completion, based on the job as described by the client. The quote will then be refined once the job has been viewed.
  2. Work cannot commence until the client has agreed to the quote and supplied relevant contact details.
  3. The accuracy of the refined quote depends on the nature of the Chinese text, as different styles will translate into a different number of English words. For example:
  4. The final fee shall not exceed the refined quote by more than 10%.
  5. Cancellation - all work actually done shall be paid for at the agreed rate.
  6. Late fee - should I be at fault and not supply the finished job by the time specified, a 10% discount will apply for up to 24 hrs post the agreed deadline. The discount will increase by 10 percentage points for each subsequent 24 hr delay to a maximum 50% discount.
  7. Payment shall be made to "Matt Gredley" within one month of receipt of the finished job in:

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Matt Gredley <> trading as "Matt Gredley's Chinese/English Translation Service", Business Registration No. T7403011 (NSW)
NAATI Translator (Chinese <-> English) and Interpreter (Mandarin <-> English), Accreditation No. 16376
Grad Dip Arts (Interpreting and Translating) Deakin University, Victoria, Australia 1992
PhD (Organic Chemistry) Australian National University 1984
PO Box K95, Haymarket, NSW, 1240, AUSTRALIA
Ph/fax 61 2 6299 8602, mobile 0408 964 074

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