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Matt Gredley

Welcome to my resumé! This page lays out my:


My name is Matt Gredley, and I work as a home-based translator in my spare time.

I was born in 1959, have an Anglo-Saxon background, and was educated in Australia, which is also where I live. My education in the Chinese language started in high school, I trained and worked for several years as an industrial research chemist in the pharmaceuticals sector, and I have undertaken professional training as an interpreter and translator into and out of Mandarin Chinese/English.

I have spent two years in China, both studying Chinese in Beijing and working as a research chemist at Lanzhou University.

Thus I can provide a translation service in both language directions. For example, I undertake general and technical translations into English and community translations into Chinese.

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My Qualifications

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My experience

I have undertaken a number of technical translations, and some more general translations, into English. Examples are:

  1. Chinese patent: Iron, Chromium and Boron-containing Welding Rods for Wear-Resistant Built-up Welding, translated in 1991 direct to client (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Division of Manufacturing Technology, Adelaide Laboratory);
  2. Chinese neurophysiology article: An Electroneurophysiological Study of Damage to the Peripheral Nerves in Workers Exposed to TOCP, translated in 1992 for an agency (National Information Resource Centre, Telstra), contact David Connor <>;
  3. Chinese entomology article: On the Scientific Name of the Peach Fruit Borer, translated in 1995 through an agency (Linguaset Communications, ACT, Australia), contact Dennis Higgs at <>, Director, ph 61 6 273 1536, fax 61 6 273 3908;
  4. Comprehensive company financial statement, translated in 1995 through an agency (Interpreters International), contact Helen Murphy <>;
  5. Taiwanese patent: An alarm system for use when bending the elbow whilst playing golf, translated in 1995 through an agency (Interpreters International), contact Helen Murphy <>.
  6. Resumés related to computer networking: translated in 1996 through an agency (Translating and Interpreting Service of the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs);
  7. Chinese mycology article: Black spot disease in pears, translated in 1996 through an agency (Linguaset Communications, ACT, Australia), contact Dennis Higgs at <>, Director, ph 61 6 273 1536, fax 61 6 273 3908;
  8. Partial translation in 1997 of the booklet Australian Technologies for the Water and Environment Industries for the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources;
  9. Translation in 1997 of educational and business documentation relating to a private individual's application for a business migration visa into Australia;
  10. Partial translation in 1998 of Taiwanese Consumer organisation booklets relating to choice of travel agents and travel in Australia and New Zealand. The translation was undertaken for the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources;
  11. Translation in 1998 of a legal statement made by a client of the legal firm Mallesons Stephen Jaques. Contact Ms Rhondda Nicholas, Solicitor, at <>;
  12. Translation in 1999 of a speech concerning electronic data interchange (EDI) systems as applied to the handling of containers (as in container-ship containers). See the Electronic Commerce Seminar section of the APEC Transport Working Group;
  13. Translation in 1999 of Studies on the Molecular Biological Characteristics of Helicobacter pylori, undertaken for Academy Translations. Contact Robert Kloiber at <>
  14. Again, for Academy Translations, translation in 1999 of 3'-Monophosphorylated Oligonucleotides. Contact Robert Kloiber at <>.
  15. Translation in 2002 of clinical test results for an experimental diabetes treatment. Contact Andrew Duncan of Shanghai Zhonglin Diabetes Australia Pty Ltd, Melbourne at <>;
  16. Translation since 2006 of various chemistry patents. Contact Roger Huby of Japanese Language Services, London at <>;
  17. Translation of a patent on berberine derivatives and their use in diabetes. Contact Dr Dianne Glenn of the Garvan Medical Research Institute, Sydney at <>.
  18. Translation of various chemical and medical papers and patents for RWS Group Translation in the UK (took over Japanese Language Services).  For chemical, contact James Heneghan at <>; for medical, contact Helen Bass at <>.
  19. Translation of a Chinese import and quarantine certificate relating to tree seeds provided to Chinese researchers by Australian researchers.  Contact Carmel Sinosic, CSIRO Plant Industry, Australian Tree Seed Centre, at
  20. Continuing translation of various chemical and medical papers and patents for RWS Group Translation in the UK from 2007 on.  For medical, contact James Heneghan at <>; for chemical, contact Stella Sorby at <>.
  21. Continuing translation of various medical papers and clinical trial documents from 2011 on for TransPerfect offices, including Barcelona (Lisa Mattsson), New York (Andrew Slawsky) and Hong Kong (Malia Schroeder).

Examples of non-technical work involving tourism translation, semi-technical work involving community translation, and technical work, from English into Chinese:

  1. South Australian Migrant Health Service pamphlet: Ethnic Link Services - Bridging the Linguistic and Cultural Gaps, translated in 1995 for the agency South Australian Language Services (SALS). SALS is now closed for business as the proprietor has moved onto other work;
  2. Guardianship Board legislation: Guardianship Board Guide and Application form for Guardianship and Administration (including attached legislation), translated in 1996 for (SALS);
  3. Osteoporosis Centre: What is Osteoporosis? - Osteoporosis Education Series, translated in 1996 for (SALS);
  4. WorkCover brochure: Rights and Responsibilities - Workers, translated in 1996 for (SALS);
  5. WorkCover brochure: What Can You Expect from Claims Agents?, translated in 1996 for (SALS);
  6. Immunisation brochures: Information to Parents about Immunisation; Polio; Whooping Cough, translated in 1996 for (SALS);
  7. Mental health glossary of around 250 terms translated in 1997 for Tony Tri's Elite Language Service (email to <>);
  8. In 1997, a translation of a brochure describing fruits and vegetables for export;
  9. A video script (which had to be checked by a native Cantonese speaker) for South Australia's Independent Living Centre, translated in 1997;
  10. Publicity documentation for the new private-sector employment agency Comepass, translated in 1998;
  11. In 1998, a translation of an expression of interest and supporting documents related to the selling of investment properties;
  12. In 1999, a translation of an instruction sheet on how to test urine for Luteinising Hormone, via the Translating and Interpreting Service, Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs;
  13. Numerous translations from 1998 concerning tourism in Cairns, Queensland, in particular pamphlets introducing tours of the Great Barrier Reef.

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Advantages and limitations of my service

The advantages that I have to offer are:

  1. I am a native English speaker whereas most of my competitors are native Chinese speakers - this means I can provide a more efficient translation from Chinese into English;
  2. I have worked as a professional research chemist in industry and universities - I therefore can provide translations of chemical texts into technically correct English;
  3. I worked in China as a research chemist at the Department of Chemistry, Lanzhou University, Gansu Province in 1988 - I am familiar with the structure and syntax of Chinese chemistry articles;
  4. I maintain a network of native English speakers who are scientists working in various fields - I can provide translations of texts involving other disciplines into technically correct English;
  5. I also maintain a network of native Chinese speakers, including Chinese scientists working at various research institutes around Australia - I can therefore ensure a correct understanding of the Chinese texts I am translating from;
  6. I can translate semi-technical texts, such as those used by the community, into Chinese. I ensure the final result is fluent by utilising the services of native Chinese checkers.

Of course, I do have my disadvantages, too! The limitations to my service are currently that:

  1. I work as a translator only in my spare time - this means I can only translate for a maximum of 20 hours per week and an overall average of 15 hours per week; and
  2. excepting by special arrangement, I generally cannot undertake work involving a turnaround time of less than 48 hours. This is because I am restricted to using my home-based email address for translation purposes and can only log-on in the evening (Australian time).

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On-line agencies with which I work

The Translators' Network

The Translators' Network is an agency for translation, interpreting and cultural consultancy services, based in Hobart, Tasmania. For further information, contact the Manager, Mary Nolan at <>, or write to:

The Translators' Network
GPO Box 1919
TAS 7001

Ph: 03 6267 4816
Mobile: 0417 522 295
Fax: 03 6267 4192

Logos Translations

Logos is an Italian-based translation service with offices in Europe, Britain and in China. For further information, contact Silvia Morandi at <>, or write to:

Logos Group
Centro Contabile-Amministrativo (CCA)
via Curtatona 5/2 - 41100 Modena
Ph: 39 59 412515
Fax: 39 59 412534

Academy Translations

Academy Translations is a technical translation service located in Victoria, Australia. For further information, contact Robert Kloiber at <>, or write to:

Academy Translations
PO Box 259
Kyneton VIC 3444
Ph: 61 3 5423 2558
Fax: 61 3 5423 2677

Japanese Language Services

RWS Group Translation in the UK (took over Japanese Language Services).  For medical (I do pharmaceutical-based clinical trials translations), contact James Heneghan at <>; for chemical, contact Stella Sorby at <>.


TransPerfect offices, including Barcelona (Lisa Mattsson), New York (Andrew Slawsky) and Hong Kong (Malia Schroeder).

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Membership of Professional Bodies

Australian National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).

I am accredited as a Translator by NAATI, an organisation established by governments as an independent body to set and monitor the standards of interpreting and translation in Australia.

NAATI provides four levels of accreditation: Paraprofessional Interpreter (involves relatively simple work); Translator and Interpreter (the first professional level); Advanced Translator and Advanced Interpreter (associated with specialist translation and interpreting); and Advanced Translator (Senior) and Advanced Interpreter (Senior) (essentially Advanced practitioners with proven extensive experience and demonstrated leadership in the field).

Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT).

AUSIT is the only national professional association for I/T practitioners in Australia. It aims to improve the working conditions and remuneration of its members and also provides professional development opportunities post accreditation.

AUSIT has branches in each state and territory of Australia.

The Chinese Interpreters & Translators Association of Australia (CITAA).

CITAA was formed in 1995 in response to a need for a language-specific association for Chinese interpreters and translators. The aim of CITAA is to enhance the quality of Chinese interpreting and translating in Australia and to upgrade the standards of practitioners.

CITAA can be contacted through Albert Kuan at <>, or write to:

PO Box 500
Northcote VIC 3070
Ph: 61 3 9482 1288
Fax: 61 3 9482 5734

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Matt Gredley <> trading as "Matt Gredley's Chinese/English Translation Service", Business Registration No. T7403011 (NSW)
NAATI Translator (Chinese <-> English) and Interpreter (Mandarin <-> English), Accreditation No. 16376
Grad Dip Arts (Interpreting and Translating) Deakin University, Victoria, Australia 1992
PhD (Organic Chemistry) Australian National University 1984
PO Box K95, Haymarket, NSW, 1240, AUSTRALIA
Ph 0408 964 074

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