This file contains a selection of my general 'favourites'. It only covers the links I thought you might enjoy or wonder about.

Please feel free to ask any questions:

A range of examples of what can be done on the web.

Xerox PARC Map Viewer

Antiques & Art Australia

Documentary Image Collection

John Laws' Fortress

Kate Byrne

Link Central

Telstra Corporation Welcome!

OzEmail home page

My OzEmail home page

Seraline screensavers

Some political sites.

The Amanda Vanstone Avoid-a-Question Time Page

The Australian Democrats

Some 'naughty' stuff.

True Blue Australia Home Page

Welcome to Sexuality Bytes

The MSN uses some parts of web technology very well.

MSN Australia

World Technology Roundup

A range of news sources on the web.

The Australian Online

The Sydney Morning Herald

CNN Interactive

MSNBC Australia Front Page

MSNBC Cover Page

A range of search engines on the web.

Real-Time Magellan Search Voyeur

AltaVista search in Australia - this 'mirror' site does not have an amazing new feature of the original AltaVista search.

MetaCrawler Searching

Microsoft Search Pop-Up Search Wizard

Search the Internet with Dot

Web Wombat Australian Search Engine

Ahoy! The Homepage Finder


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