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Some favourite sites....

MGM Wireless - MsgU
Internet Storm Center
Mensa Australia


DotLisp patch

These downloads have been available for a long time, but were previously only mentioned in newsgroups and elsewhere.

The Visual SourceSafe 2005 plug-in for VB6 is not supported, but mostly works.
Unfortunately, when some of the files of a project are not associated with SourceSafe often no files have their SourceSafe status glyphs displayed.
I posted a workaround and then wrote a public domain add-in to automate the workaround.

VB.NET doesn't have built-in support for DDE, so I wrote this VB.NET DDE Sample to show it can be done.

Examples of Chaos and graphing functions in Excel 97 and Excel 5.0/95 -- related newsgroup thread from Google.

A selection of my utilities.

An example of the power of VBScript 5.5: in one file I define and use a data structure called a Directed Graph.

About Me

Programming, mathematics, politics, any good meaty topic.

Here is my resume (HTML) and here it is in Microsoft Word 6.0/95 format and 97 format.

My old high school has a web site.

Some old favourites....


A somewhat out of date selection of 'interesting' web pages.

Some old unfinished stuff

This is where I got to when the licence expired...

Thanks for looking...

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