Bloomsday in Manly

June 16 1999

Manly 1999 - Dublin 1904


"Dr Dixon

(reads a bill of health ) Professor Bloom is a finished example of the new womanly man. His moral nature is simple and lovable. Many have found him a dear man, a dear person. He is rather a quaint fellow on the whole, coy though not feebleminded in the medical sense."

"Ulysses" - Episode 15 "Circe" lines 1798-1801


This website is intended to supplement the Manly Bloomsday readings for those readers wishing to further pursue James Joyce's writings..

The first Bloomsday was celebrated in Dublin in 1954

It is helpful to have an outline of the chapters of "Ulysses.

Many older Australians have some memory of "that dirty book", and the antics of our politicians and censors were worth a book themselves.

Thinking of embarking on your own Odyssey through "Ulysses"- or just bluffing?

James Joyce has found a new and cyberactive life on the World Wide Web.
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