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Are you one of those people who sneaks surreptitious looks over other people's bookshelves? I am, and I have a number of relatives who do the same, only with each other, we are quite blatant about it. Here is an online equivalent. This is a bit out of date, and a much better way to look me up is to find my profile on goodreads.com.

When relaxing, I particularly enjoy the crime fiction of P. D. James, but I read less fiction and much less science fiction than I would like to these days. I admire the novels of C. P. Snow and Charles Dickens, and I have read every Terry Pratchett book out — now there are some real story tellers!


I am a bit boring: I read history, I read science books, I read mathematics, I read books about computing and books about words. Early in 2002, I read the Lonely Planets guides on Ireland and the USA to make my visits there worthwhile, but I would rather look at a map. I can spend hours with a good map, and after visiting Cyprus in 2004, I keep going back to maps of there and other places. You will have to track me down on Facebook to see where else I have been, but I travel quite a bit.

I also like essays, including the medical essays of Lewis Thomas, the scientific essays of Sir Peter Medawar and Stephen Jay Gould. I also like the journals of travellers in the past, people who explored new parts of the world, met the people, and came back to tell what they had seen. That is going to be important in the next book.

A bit of a list

My all-time most favourite books include: more to come . . .

What I have read and enjoyed recently

These are now alphabetical, by author.

Current reading

I have been reading books for my coming travel, and the following which all relate to my present main project, which I have not yet identified:

Bought or borrowed, to be read soon

A certain theme may sometimes be detected . . .

Books I plan to buy soon

Blogs I read

These all emanate from people I know and admire -- well, I would hardly list people I didn't respect, would I?

Lists where I may be found

There are a few others, but that will do for now.

Libraries I use

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