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speed of nearly everything 2021 (73K) This book went out of print, and has been taken over by the author in a new, revised and updated edition, with lots of extras. The basic information about my book-revival program is here.

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The Speed of Nearly Everything: from tobogganing penguins to spinning neutron stars

ISBN 9781741961362, written by Peter Macinnis, published 2008 by Murdoch Books in Australia, released November 17, 2008 in the UK, November 1 in Australia

NOTE: the title was previously The Fast Book, changed before publication. In mid-February 2009, Hugh Ford, the book's designer, was shortlisted for the APA Young Designer of the Year Award, with this work as one of the submitted titles.
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Cover, The Fast Book This book is written for general readers, and my aim was to take a look at speed, and explore how we find out, and what we know. Here are just a few of the things I played with:

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