The Desert

ISBN-13 9780140561326, written by Peter Macinnis and Jane Bowring, illustrated by Kim Gamble, published 1997 by Puffin (Penguin)

Cover, The Desert This book is written for young readers, and my aim was to take a complex story, a desert ecosystem and tell it in a simple form.

Jane Bowring did the business side of things, specified and managed the language levels and edited the work. Kim did the paintings, and we met for the first time in 2008. Curiously, it worked very well.

The notional desert was near Cameron's Corner, and the biology was managed so that anything described in the book could be seen there, if the conditions were right.

The release of the book was botched by the Penguins, who kept on having bright ideas about the cover. Have I ever mentioned that I detest marketing people? We enjoyed doing the book, it got OK notices, but there was precious little support from Penguin. In 1998, "The Desert" was cited as notable in the CBCA Book of the Year awards -- and made it onto the Clayton's short list, but not the real thing.

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