Not Your Usual Bushrangers

ISBN 9781760065690 , written by Peter Macinnis, published 2015 by Five Mile Press in Australia, released July 1, 2015.

Also available in a boxed set, together with Not Your Usual Gold Stories under ISBN 9781760068004.

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A late addition: hot links to the references!!!

I am a firm believer in encouraging readers to delve further. A great deal of my material comes from careful searches of the National Library of Australia's Historical Newspapers Collection, though I also use a lot of other online sources, especially old books that are now available online.

When you go to Trove, you will find that I am one of the volunteers who correct the OCR in a massive collaborative project, and toy will find my paw prints (I use the obvious user name peter-macinnis), but you can get to the main references which appear in pages 257 to 261 as hot links if you go to the link

The Not Your Usual Bushrangers references

This book is written for readers of all ages.

The only qualification is that you should be fed up with the usual pap that we were fed at school, where only the Usual Bushrangers get a mention. Yes, I mention Ben Hall, Ned Kelly, Thunderbolt, Moonlite and Morgan, but they are a small minority of the people who went out ranging the bush.

bushrangers cover (275K) Here, you will meet many more bushrangers, including

  • The first bushrangers, who were "out" in February 1788;
  • Black Caesar, who was of African descent;
  • The honest bushrangers, who were sent out to find a way over the Blue Mountains;
  • Diver Fitzgerald who stole a ship's bell on the Governor's orders;
  • Frederick Turner, who wasn't a bushranger at all;
  • The many bushrangers called Wilson;
  • The Norfolk Island pirates;
  • Sam Poo, the Chinese bushranger;
  • Moondyne Joe, who was given a pardon for being good at escaping;
  • How Scrammy Jack cheated the hangman;
  • The spate of "boy bushrangers", early in the 20th century;
  • Tom Hughes, the last of the bushrangers, who died after I was born;
and much more. These are definitely Not Your Usual Bushrangers!

This is not the "history" you learned at school. I hated that rubbish as well. One of my hopes in writing this book is that I will manage to subvert the staid and hackneyed curriculum, Either before the book comes out, or soon after, there will be a separate page with live web links to most of the references in the book, because I believe that history should involve participation.

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