The Islander

The Islander is the only newspaper printed in the islands. It is put together by Steve Lander, who is proprietor, editor, printer and distributor. He has an assistant called Wanda (who is, to the regret of some, not very bright), and a lot of friends who help him out with stories and gossip.

It has to be said that Steve's paper is rather famous for its misprints. Most of these are the unconscious work of Wanda, but quite a few of them are inserted by Steve, with malicious joy. And with an eye on the profits people all over the world take out subscriptions to The Islander, just for the mistakes that pop up in its pages.

You will soon be able to access copies of The Islander from here. We are still trying to get the files from Steve, so we can scan them in, but so far we have only been able to get scraps, you will find links to bits of some of the most recent issues here. The problem is that Steve messed up the files, and so the material is having to be re-entered, except where drafts can be found.

May issue
June issue
July issue

A much more complete set can be expected around the ened of 2002, with any luck.
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