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Note: material from the Islands has been delayed, but there will be a revised version available here in late 2003, all going well. In particular, there appear to be some serious errors in the economic information, as Jean Grey bought a load of "dud" computers with the faulty chips still in place. In fairness to me, i have been fairly busy writing.

The Ugly Islands (Little Ugly, Big Ugly, and the Uglets) are, together, a small independent nation in the Pacific Ocean. The islanders have a robust approach to democracy, and they have established this web site as a base for their discussions about important social issues.

To avoid any problems, they will only communicate information to this web site through one person, and they will not usually take an active part in any discussions, although they are actively monitoring people's input and comments. Rather, they hope you will join in and express your opinions and ideas about current island issues, so they can take them into account. They say they know what works best on the islands, but they welcome informed comment from outside.

The current problems can be found by reading through the current and past papers of the Island Council, and by looking for information in the pages of The Islander , the only newspaper on the Ugly islands.

The people you will read about in the Council papers and in The Islander are real people, and they have different viewpoints. Some of them, like Jean Grey believe that the best answer is to turn the Ugly islands into a giant resort. Other people want to stay with their present simple lifestyle, where tourists have to work hard to get there. You will need to keep this in mind when you read what they write here. Everybody will be trying to persuade you to support their point of view.

There is further teachers' information available, describing what can be done with what you find here. It also deals with boring matters like copyright. Teachers should begin with this link. Other readers can safely ignore this link altogether.

First up, you should read some of the background to the Ugly Islands . This tells you about the general history, biology and geology of the islands, and provides links to more detailed information on these issues.

Then you should look at the customs of the Ugly Islands , to find out a bit about how the islanders live. They don't always like to talk about this, so we have had to gather together what we can, from a number of sources.

Then you might like to go on to read up about the Ugly Islands Council , which makes most of the main decisions about events that are planned for the islands. Later, you may find some of the Council papers linked to that page.

Then you need to look at a few issues of The Islander . By the way, Steve Lander who writes and edits it does know how to spell, but Wanda Menzies , his typist and assistant makes quite a few errors, and he adds some more, because people often subscribe just for the misprints, and for the corrections to the misprints. And another thing: locals call it the "I Slander" because of the way Steve sometimes deals with local people in his columns.

You will probably also want to know more about the biology of the islands and also about the geology of the Ugly Islands , involving both the limestones formed from coral remnants, and a variety of volcanic rocks, formed under different conditions.

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