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November 22, 2009

One of the books is now in completed first draft, so I'm trying to do some more bits and pieces.

Here is what I am targeting:

November 15, 2009

Well, I'm now working full speed ahead on those two books and a number of talks, so this project fell by the wayside again. Oh well!

While you are waiting on some digital extraction from me, I just found this brilliant site:

That led me to, so what are you doing here? Go there now, and feast on Sydney in photos.

Oh, and here's some of my stuff, which pales by comparison:
Sydney Sculpture by the Sea,
Sydney dust storm, September 2009,
Sydney Spring, August 2009.

September 10, 2009

Once again, I find myself briefly between books (sort of: I actually have two that I'm working on, but at a more leisurely pace than usual), and I have made additions in these areas:

September 13, 2008

I found myself briefly between books, and I made additions on the Getting out of Sydney page is a major target, and I added the other capitals (or started)=.

Then I got back to work again

March 17, 2008

Sorry, too busy writing books and travelling myself. May 30: same old, same old -- but I will break a leg one day, and then there will be something :-)

August 2, 2007

This time, my excuse is that I am just back from the US and Germany. Handy hint: on level 3 at Changi airport, you can get a shower for $9 (Singapore dollars) and they accept other currencies as well. I will try, honest, but there are a couple of books to fix first.

June 7, 2007

The slackness continues, albeit with good reason. I have just finished another book and I have another in third draft, we have a grand-daughter, and we have been away doing research in the Kimberley (the link has a few desultory notes, and one useful link to get you started, more will follow when I have time). So there hasn't been much time to think about websites. Sorry, but work comes first!

February 23, 2007

OK, I have been slack. Quite a lot has been added without comment, but most recently, I have been overseas in northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, doing the temple track, as it were. I am now back, and busy doing a book proposal and flogging a new book, but I will start adding bits and pieces this week -- in particular, a few comments about arriving at Mascot, more walks and more picnic spots.

October 17

I have been busily photographing plants, and now I have added the pics to the plants page. I still want to add quite a bit more text, but that can wait.

October 11

I have been fairly busy, filling in the gaps and adding photos that were on the site, but just not tied to their pages. I'm pedalling as fast as I can! The problem is that this is excellent walking time, and I am fitting in as many walks as I can. A few of these are new ones that I will write up, but I am also doing old favourites which are already on the site.

October 2

I have been fiddling around the edges. There is a new page with Australian sayings and catch phrases under way, I have been getting out abd about and taking photos. Some of these can be seen at the end of the gallery, which is not recommended if you are on dial-up, as it is heavily photographic. Now I need to add those pics to the plants pages.

September 17

Actually, I have been busy with three books. One is on the Kokoda Track for younger readers, and it was a total rewrite of an appallingly bad book I did last year, so I began again from scratch, and I am much happier with it. The second has been a matter of developing formats and a content outline for a second publisher -- we have done some sample text that can be designed up to take overseas, where they hope to sell it. The third is for a third publisher, Allen and Unwin, and it has the makings of a blockbuster oddball history that will take me much of next year to write. So I am afraid this site has been pushed aside, just a bit. Anyhow, an English correspondent called John Hambley was asking me about places away from Sydney, and that sidetracked me for a bit, so I have started a new page on places that you could get to and return (at a pinch) in a single day. I have been having fun, roughing that out.

August 21

I am busy on a book at the moment, so I am not getting out as much as I should. When I take a break, I often go in and fill a few gaps, but there are no outstanding changes to be seen, just slow improvements.

July 28

I write for my living, and this is just a hobby. I need to work at times, so I have been running a bit slow on this site. I have added many more pictures to the gallery, and I am now putting the pictures into the pages they were taken for. I haven't even done much walking lately, so I can't do much about those, but spring is on us, so I will be out more, if only to count the plants.

July 11

Based on my observations as I arrived back in Australia, I have drastically revised the section on arrivals. I was moved to do so after hitting quite a few airports in the past six weeks. I am now working around the edges, and trying to get the plant stuff up to scratch, because our spring, so far as the wildflowers are concerned, is here already!

July 7

This project was on hold for much of May and into July, but it is now up and running again, or will be, as soon as I get over the jet lag. I have some interesting new insights into what tourists need!

May 17

A few odds and sods, a few more pics, but other things are taking over. See above! I am still adding internal navigation and other links and filling a few of the gaps.

May 9

There are about another hundred and something pictures, but you will only see them on the gallery page for a day or so. Make sure you have broadband before you click on that link it's HUGE!! I have started adding some of these pics into the relevant pages, as well.

May 6

Still going: there is a bit of structure on the performing arts page now, and I am tweaking here and there.

May 4

OK, so I lied when I said everything was on hold. A few new pics, more on the performing arts. And another walk . . .

April 29

I am working on boring stuff: internal links and navigation. It doesn't add to the content, but it will make it easier to find things.

April 28

I have been off walking and doing things (like writing sample chapters for a new book). Mostly, I have been trying to get in a few walks before winter. I have just added an interesting day walk on Cowan Creek, and I will get to a few more in the next few days, like the walk around the northern headland of Botany Bay that we are doing tomorrow.

April 20

I have opened a new page on performing arts and where to see good performances.

April 19

General filling of the gaps, mainly around parks, picnics, walks and wildlife. I have added quite a lot on mammals, though there are still gaps, some of which are flagged, some of whioch aren't.

April 17

I have added many extra pics, so that now I can see where I need to go to fill the gaps, and extra links, more walks, more stiuff on parks and picnics.

April 14

I have just added a new separate page on Kuring-gai Chase National Park. I have finished processing 120 extra pics, which I will now start adding to pages, or if you have broadband, look at them in the gallery.

April 11

I have been rather busy getting photos this past week -- you will start to see the benefits soon. I have just done a few corrections.

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