Best Things Around Sydney

Sydney has many great attractions: this is a personal selection that will grow slowly, and with time, I hope to change the list items to links.

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The Great Views of Sydney

This is a list of places worth exploring - the details on how to get there are mostly elsewhere, but a few are left for you to find.

The lookout at West Head in Kuring-gai Chase National Park.

Barrenjoey lighthouse near Palm Beach.

The Spit at sunset in winter.

Mrs Macquarie's Chair in the Domain on New Year's Eve or Australia Day.

Taronga Zoo.

The foreshore walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

The top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge after you have climbed it, on a BridgeClimb.

Jones Bay at Pyrmont.

Warrah Trig station and lookout, Brisbane Water National Park.

Hornby Light at South Head.

North Head

The Manly ferry

Dobroyd Head while on the Manly-Spit or Spit-Manly walk.

Cape Baily

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The best atmosphere

These are the places to go to see Sydney in different ways. You may not like all of them, but they are very different, and they show you what Sydney is like.

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The best parks

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The best bushwalks

These are walks over broken ground, fairly close to civilisation. They should be accessible to the average person between 5 and 70 years. Note that in Australian usage, a 'track' is what Americans call a 'trail'.

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The best urban and park walks

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The best long walks

I will get URLs for these later: try these expressions in a search engine!

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The wilderness walks

These are walks well away from civilisation. You will probably need a car to get to the start, you will need camping gear and all of the rest, and you will enjoy yourself, but get maps, compass and advice first! If you like your wilderness to be more tropical, I am putting together some notes on the Kimberley.

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The best shopping places

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The best theatres

The Ensemble Theatre, a converted boatshed on the edge of the harbour. Picture: The Ensemble Theatre, seen from the Neutral Bay ferry.

The best movie houses

the theatres page for more indormation on these choices.

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The best museums and galleries

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The best bookshops

There are quite a few chains: Angus and Robertson (mainly franchises, I think, some are good), Borders, Kinokuniya, and word has it that W H Smith own some places ion Sydney as well.

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The best coffee places

to come

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The best pubs

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The best rides

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The best water experiences

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The worst places to go

OK, I know I said no bad-mouthing, but there a few places you should avoid. These warnings are all based on personal experience, and the clowns who run them should think twice about arguing or complaining. I have witnesses and evidence. Folks, this is what happens when you try to shaft your customers in the modern world: we fight back. Lift your game, and ask nicely.

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