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This is a site map for my collection of pages about the hidden aspects of Sydney, the ones that even the locals often don't know about. To find the latest additions, see What's New. Pages at the very bottom may be more recent, and more likely to be little more than skeletons, holding a place for later work.

The home page The arts Weather across NSW The climate of Sydney.
Back to the start of the navigation. Galleries, museums, theatres, Opera House. Weather conditions, across the year in NSW. General background on the weather.
Getting around Sydney. Bus trips. Ferry trips. Sydney Landmarks.
Arivals, departures and public transport. Seeing Sydney cheaply by government bus. You choose: expensive cruises or cheap ferry. The very best places to see.
The history of Sydney. Sydney expands. Selected historic quotes. Sport and Australians.
How Sydney got to be the way it is. How the settlement began to spread. Everybody who came here had an opinion. Australians are weird about sport.
Australian literature. Australian language. Other tourist sites. Local conditions.
A sampler, mainly of bush poetry. Australian terms, references, accents and slang. Some links that looked reliable to me, as a local. Basic details and differences.
Parks around Sydney. National Parks. Picnic places. Walks to take and do.
Green spaces, quiet places, rest places. Away from it all, usually. A cheap quiet meal with a view. Hints for walkers and runners.
The bush. Environment. Animals and zoos. Australian plants.
Bush is a word with many meanings. Our environment and how it was shaped. Animals and birds and where to see them. Plants of Australia, where to go to see them.
Beaches and pools. Food and eating. Dangerous animals. A selection of the very best.
Places to swim safely. Australians like outdoor and indoor eating. Worried about fearful beasties? Don't be! Some lists of best-of-the-best.
The Sydney gallery The tourist-in-a-rush Kuring-Gai Chase Performing arts
My working file of pictures . Quick'n'dirty. Some quick ideas to give you a taste of Sydney. My favourite among Sydney's national parks. Ballet, opera, drama, classical music, concerts.
Why I love Sydney Attractions outside Sydney Australian sayings
A bit of a babble from me. Some other places to go by car or train Quotations, catchphrases and other Oz sayings

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