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Yes, the Playwiths have been converted into a book.

The Playwiths began in about 1995, and a couple of years back, I was urged to make a book of them.

I did, and my friends liked what they saw, but the publishers didn't. Frightening economic times, they said.

Well, I went ahead and did it in three forms:

  • a lo-res freeby PDF with very relaxed copyright;
  • a high-res low-price commercial PDF for the Kindle;
  • a paper and ink book from Amazon (tax laws won't let it into Australia);
  • did I say three? I lied. The paper version is half-tone, but soon there'll be a full colour version.
But don't worry, this web version stays here anyhow.

Full details of Playwiths, the book here

The Playwiths have grown, so this table tells you what is on the site. Each link is to a separate page, and comes with a brief description. Don't worry too much about navigation just follow your nose around the site and have fun!

Bubbles and related things Earth science things electricity and magnetism fluid flow, gases and liquids
This explores a range of ideas about bubbles and surface tension, and how to make bubbles of unusual shapes. The science of soil, sand, and a few other things. The animals in the soil will be found under living things This one is pretty obvious, but there are a few wrinkles on things to try. Bernoulli effect, laminar flow, stuff like that. There should be more, and will be one day!
ideas for science projects kitchen chemistry literary lapses living things
Almost 2000 ideas for science fair projects. You can also get this as a PDF file, or as an e-book version. Some scientific things you can do with stuff found in the kitchen. There are lots of verbal things you can do about science, from writing limericks upwards. Ideas for experiments involving living things: how to catch them how to keep them and more.
logic puzzles making things miscellaneous experiments number things
Here are some puzzles for you to work out. Not a lot, because I moved on to other things, but a few bits. Do you like making things? Here are some ideas for things to mess around or twiddle with. Some things just don't fit easily. There are small bits and pieces that should be assigned to other pages, but haven't been yet! I like playing with numbers. You can do number things like these anywhere. By the way, I failed maths at school go figure!
physics and living things science quickies sight and light things sound
Physics affects all living things: temperature, air pressure, gravity, surface tension, viscosity and more. Do you fancy a bit of critical thinking? Here are some mind benders for you. Sight is one of our most valued possessions and light can be a strange thing to explore. Some simple explorations of sound and how it is made.
polygonal numbers microscopy ideas open-ended questions What's new on the site?
I started messing around with triangular numbers, until I found some curious patterns, and extended them. Somebody asked me for ideas, so I started to put some together. No how-tos in this lot, just suggestions. The best questions don't have obvious answers, they have contingent answers, depending on what you assume. This is the page where I keep a running list of what has been changing on the site. Not always complete, but it covers the main bits.
Australian science timeline Creative science The Playwiths home page Awards for the site
What happened in Australian science, technology and invention, and when, plus links, slowly being added. Still under development: a set of ideas to apply your creativity and artistic side in science. Ready in August! This is the starting point for the whole site. So go there! Awards and listings, followed closely by links to other interesting sites.
My published books Espionage science My writing blog,
One of the reasons that this site is neglected at times is that I am fairly busy as a professional writer. Invisible inks, ciphers, stuff like that, ready some time or other. Lots of really helpful microscopy ideas that were cut from a recent book because the readership was a bit young. I put them here because the design is easier.

This file is, first created on July 10, 2001. Last recorded revision (well I get lazy and forget sometimes!) was on November 22, 2011.

Worried about copyright? You need to go look at my non-copyright notice . Well, maybe you don't, but do it anyhow . . .

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